studio tobiass klein
Virtual Synchronicity

From the 8th to the 17th of November the installation Virtual Synchronicity will be on show as part of Microwavefest 2013 - TERRA ZERO Hongkong.

Virtual Synchronicity explores the ephemeral notion of the cosmic natural cycles of day and night in an everlasting continuous global event, set between our digital reality and the actuality of the geographic location of Hong Kong. The work starts as an internet based participatory event - a choreographed global lighting environment merging a virtual sunrise with its counterpart the sunset. These moments are projected in real-time onto translucent silicone tubing to create a three-dimensional ephemeral artwork that captures the continuous transition of night to day and vice versa. A private, secluded moment is carefully turned into a collective, tangible experience, melting the beginning and end of the natural day into the digital timelessness.

Please help us to create an everlasting event by tweeting your sunrise/sunset pictures @virtualsunset

Virtual Synchronicity as seen at 06:51 2014.04.27